Major Cyber Attack Exposes Medical and Student Records in Israel – Malek Team

Major Cyber Attack Exposes Medical and Student Records in Israel - Malek Team

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A hacker group linked to Iran has claimed responsibility for two significant data breaches involving Israeli organizations in recent months.

Hundreds of Thousands of Patient Records Leaked

In January, the Malek Team said it accessed 500GB of data from Ziv Medical Center in Safed dating back to 2022. This includes over 700,000 documents containing patients’ personal details and private medical information. Some records allegedly belonged to IDF soldiers.

Three Cyber Attacks Against Ziv Medical Center in 4 Months

Worryingly, this was the third reported incident targeting the hospital in just four months, underscoring the need for robust security defenses. While operations were not disrupted, indications of a data leak have been acknowledged.


Ono Academic College Breach Impacts 250,000 Student Records

In October, the hackers also claimed to have infiltrated Ono Academic College, accessing approximately 250,000 records containing private student information. Evidence including videos and documents was purportedly leaked online.

As tensions between Israel and Palestinian groups escalate, cyber-attacks have increased. In November, Iran-linked actors targeted Israeli education and tech sectors. With organizations housing vast amounts of sensitive user data, defending against sophisticated cybercriminals requires constant vigilance and preparation.

In conclusion, these large-scale breaches demonstrate that no sector is immune from digital threats. Individuals should take proactive steps to safeguard their online privacy and security in light of evolving risks. Using strong, unique passwords and enabling two-factor authentication helps block unauthorized access. Staying alert to potential phishing attempts can also help curb data leaks and identity theft. Continuous awareness and caution are vital in today’s complex cyber landscape.

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