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Our Services

Red Team Assessment

Proactive and comprehensive cybersecurity practice aimed at evaluating an organization’s security defenses by simulating real-world cyberattacks.

Penetration Testing

We painstakingly examine every nook and cranny of your assets, looking for flaws that could expose your sensitive data to cyber attackers.

Managed SOC

Our managed SOC is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that provides organisations with expert oversight and management of their security infrastructure.

Virtual CISO

Our VCISO provides strategic guidance, risk assessment, and expert advice to help businesses effectively manage their information security.

Startup Cyber Security

We provide specialised packages for startups who want to gain security visibility from their initial stage. Get your customised cybersecurity package now!

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Elevate your organization’s security posture with our comprehensive training solutions, empowering your team to recognize and mitigate cyber threats effectively.

Our Certifications

Certified Ethical Hacker

Securing Multiple Clients in 3+ Countries

We are committed to establishing trust and cyber security visibility.

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