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Our team has identified and responsibly disclosed critical vulnerabilities in several global companies.

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Welcome To Bluefire Redteam

Who we are?

We at Bluefire Redteam work very closely with our clients to provide out-of-the-box security solutions to ensure overall security. We believe in curating methodologically driven services which are performed by skilled teammates.

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We help businesses eliminate cyber threats by providing the best services with the best security professionals.

Redteam Assessment
Web Application Penetration Testing
Mobile Application Penetration Testing
Amazon Web Service Penetration Testing
Trust & Confidentiality

We ensure and maintain confidentiality of vulnerabilities which we discover in our clients assets.

Proficient Team

Our teammates are not only industry certified but they also come with expertise and can help you secure your business.

Cost Effective

With efficient operation model, we come up as a cost-effective security vendor yet still maintaining the overall assessment quality.

Welcome To Bluefire Redteam

Why us?

Due to our new age operation model, security assessment are fluent and with a team of experts we deliver quality. In addition to that we have a fantastic record of maintaining customer relationship which is again handled by our team of experts.


Rule out your doubts

We work internally and come up with very specific statistics to rule out any of your doubts while choosing us.

  • In most redteam engagements we become domain admin in a less than an hour.

  • CVSS: 8.8+ Critical vulnerabilities in 9/10 web application penetration tests.

  • CVSS: 9.0 Critical Vulnerabilities in 8/10 Mobile application penetration tests.

  • CVSS: 8.1+ High vulnerabilities in 7/10 network penetration tests.

  • We found 9/10 AWS Implementations vulnerable.

  • In a previous annual client feedback we received 10/10 in customer assistance and quality reports.

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