Security Assessment For A Global Healthcare Innovator

Security assessment for healthcare

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A leading global innovator in healthcare solutions contacted us with a pressing concern: securing their digital infrastructure. With patient and doctor data at the core of their operations, they recognized the urgent need to shield sensitive information from cyber threats.



They faced significant cybersecurity hurdles across their web and mobile applications. These vulnerabilities not only endangered user data but also posed compliance risks. With regulatory scrutiny increasing, The client needed to fortify their defenses to maintain trust and credibility.


In response to the client’s security concerns, our team thoroughly assessed their digital assets. We combined manual expertise with advanced tools to identify vulnerabilities and devise a roadmap for defense. Through our analysis, we uncovered multiple vulnerabilities, each requiring immediate attention.

Key Vulnerabilities Identified

1. Weak Password Reset Implementation: We found a critical flaw in the password reset process, affecting both web and mobile apps. This loophole could potentially lead to unauthorized access.

2. Privacy Breach: Broken access controls allowed unauthorized tampering with user profiles, ECG data jeopardizing privacy and trust.

3. Data Exfiltration: With a persistent vulnerability, we manage to capture user credentials on our authorised testing servers.

4. Data Disarray: An API flaw exposed doctor data to patients and vice versa, breaching data segregation.

5. Encryption Erosion: Decompiling the Android app revealed hardcoded secrets, exposing encryption vulnerabilities.

6. Weak Encryption Practices: Inadequate encryption facilitated unauthorized data manipulation.


Armed with our findings, The client strengthened their digital defenses. They mitigated risks and safeguarded user data through remediation efforts and proactive measures.


Cleint’s commitment to security excellence and proactive measures sets a standard for the industry. By addressing vulnerabilities head-on, they reinforce trust and reliability in healthcare data management. Get in touch with us to schedule a customised security assessment for your organisation.

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