Best Penetration Testing Companies [2024]

Best Penetration Testing Companies [2024]

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Penetration testing is a crucial cyber security assessment for most online businesses. However, selecting the best global cybersecurity provider can not only secure you against sophisticated attacks.

Bluefire Redteam is one of the best penetration-testing companies to ensure no unidentified vulnerabilities put your organisation at risk!

We have come up with specific recommendations for you which are a deciding factor for you to choose the best partner for your penetration testing needs.

Why does your business need a penetration testing company?

Penetration testing is a security assessment that allows you to identify a security vulnerability that may put your or your customer’s data at risk.

While there are 100s of penetration testing providers, we are recommending the best in the regions(India, United States, Israel). So, no matter where ever your business is present these penetration testing companies can provide you with the best services.


Top Best Penetration Testing Companies – India, United States, Israel

  1. Bluefire Redteam
  2. ESM Global Consulting
  3. Sayfer.io

How to choose a penetration testing company?

Since Bluefire Redteam is an award-winning penetration testing provider, we have come up with a few deciding factors that can help you choose the right penetration testing company for your business.

  1. Communication: The testing team should be communicating well with you, and briefing calls should be taken to ensure that the testing team and your team are on the same page. The team should provide EOD briefings about the testing and findings along with a brief summary in layman’s terms.
  2. Team Experience: Industry-recognised certification should be something you must be looking for while choosing a pentesting company, along with overall team experience in various pentesting for different industries. Our team is certified with the industry’s best certifications such as OSCP, OSWE, eWPTX, etc.
  3. Utilising Manual & Automated Testing Techniques: Automated scanners such as Nessus, and Acunetix are good tools to have in the arsenal but utilising manual techniques helps to identify vulnerabilities which automated tools miss. Fine-tuning the tools can really prove efficient. By using a manual technique, we recently identified a vulnerability that allowed non-admin users to perform admin actions.
  4. Doing more than vulnerability scanning: Finding leaked API keys and disclosed information via GitHub and other platforms should also be on the checklist of the security testers. As they allow easy access to some areas of an organisation that can be sensitive.
  5. Meeting compliance goals: Businesses can guarantee that their security procedures are in line with industry standards and regulatory obligations by hiring a penetration testing company that is well-versed in compliance requirements. A credible organisation would be well-versed in numerous compliance standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and others.
  6. Reporting, Remediation strategy and Quality Assurance: The team has good writing skills to ensure quality. They mention every technical and non-technical thing in the report that can be consumed easily such as a proper executive summary should be written for C-level executives in the organisation. The report should also contain a proper remediation strategy for every identified vulnerability.
  7. Post-reporting support: One of the most important things is to identify if the penetration testing company is offering post-reporting support such as patch verification and further plan of action in the penetration testing cycle.

Top Penetration Testing Companies in – India, United States and Israel

1. Bluefire Redteam

#1 Top Best Penetration Testing Company

Bluefire Redteam is a leading cyber security penetration testing provider, we provide penetration testing consulting in more than 3 countries with the best feedback from our clients. We recommend what you need exactly to ensure your cyber security posture is up-to-date.

We provide penetration testing for; Web applications, mobile applications, internal infrastructure, external infrastructure and cloud environments.

2. ESM Global Consulting

#2 Top Best Penetration Testing Company

ESM Global Consulting is a Premier Information Technology and Security Provider. Founded in 2017 in Maine they have established their presence in the information security and technology space in the United States. Their team of experts have extensive experience in both the IT and security industries. From IT consulting and technical support to penetration testing, they offer expertise on the table.

3. Sayfer


Sayfer is a leading cybersecurity provider. Based in Israel, sayfer provides top-notch services such as penetration testing, smart contract audits, private key protection and security consulting.


Closing Notes

Finally, Investing in the appropriate pen testing company is an investment in your organisation’s long-term security and prosperity. So, consider your options, ask the correct questions, and make an informed conclusion. With the appropriate penetration testing partner on your side, you can stay secure, compliant, and ahead of any threats. You can be confident that your organization’s security is in capable hands by collaborating with Bluefire Redteam. Get in touch with us!

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