Threat Modeling

  • Threat modelling is an approach which allows an organisation to identify their assets for threats and reduce risk in the development cycle.

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What is Threat Modelling?

Threat Modelling is a systemic and strategic approach for identifying and enumerating threats to an application environment to minimize risk and potential impact. Threat Modelling is divided into four phases: Design, Break, Fix, and Verify. Every phase is goal-oriented. It first starts with gathering as much data as possible, which is then used to find potential threats against the system and a way to protect it using a threat modelling framework. The identified threats are then prioritized, and in the end, it is ensured that all the requirements are met, assumptions are validated, and security controls are in place.

Why Threat Modelling and Us?

  • Being a red team, we have a ready attacker mindset which is crucial for a threat model for effective outcomes.

  • Threat Modelling can be performed on applications where sensitive data transactions happen.

  • We incorporate field tested techniques for any of our threat modelling projects.

  • At the end our SMEs craft all the gathered information into a high quality report.

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