Bluefire Redteam LLP

Bluefire Redteam LLP

Individual cyber security professionals,
Now a team!

About Us

Bluefire Redteam LLP, we are a red team company based in India, We have got fantastic team of cyber security researchers who are willing to secure the cyber space.


What We Do.

We have the top notch cyber security services for your well established company , Non-profit organisation, Or a startup!


Redteam Campaigns

Attacking your assets with real world techniques, Starting from social engineering to lateral movements.

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Cyber Security Consultation

Our team came across many companies, they have proper setups, but they lack of proper cyber security consultation.

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Network security and VAPT

We provide the support for your networking infrastructure security by comprehensive penetration tests and security audits.

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Training and workshop

We arrange workshops and training on request in your college or company with practical scenarios and eye opening threat vectors.

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Cyber threat intelligence

We do deep research and use different methods like OSINT, Socmint, Humint to dive into the roots of cyber threat to your environment.

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