What is Black Box, Gray Box and White Box Penetration testing?

When an application or product is made and is ready for the end user, it is first checked for any loopholes, vulnerabilities, or security exposures by a pentester. Penetration testing is a sort of ethical hacking that mimics real-world cyber attacks on applications, networks, or systems. We will review the three types of penetration testing so that you can understand which will be better for your next security engagement

Black Box Testing

Black box penetration testing is where the tester is provided nothing more than the location of the target. It is like a real-world cyber-attack method where attackers contain no internal knowledge about the application or product where authentication is required and attackers have none. It aims to understand if any external factor, that has no access to the application can exploit it and gain data.

Pentesters will use various tools like Burp Suit to have a quick look at obtainable web content. This testing has low granularity and looks for errors in applications. 

Gray Box Testing

Gray box testers have some internal information including credentials. It can be seen from the user perspective (insider threat) with the restricted privilege to check what type of attacks can occur.

Having some basic information and access to the application, the tester can differentiate what all threats can happen from a user or insider threat's perspective.

White Box Testing

When a tester is given open access to everything related to an application or product, the tester can have an extensively insightful perspective and can inspect the network, and examine source code, security disclosures, and misconfiguration. White box testing is done for highly susceptible data and it is time-consuming.

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